Wednesday, August 27, 2008

It's all about yarn... well, almost

I have two skeins of Wollmeise! Around lunchtime I went to the Loopy Ewe site out of idle curiosity to see whether the next batch of Wollmeise had disappeared and... on the What's New page? Lots and lots of Wollmeise! Clicked on anything remotely pink, figuring that I like almost any colourway featuring pink, and then clicked - crazedly by this stage - to the checkout. By the time I got there, I had just two skeins left. After finalising everything, I did a happy dance and then realised there was no one to tell! So I rang a friend on the other side of the country, who is the only person I know able to 'get' how wonderful this purchase is. After finally figuring out what I was trying to say - I think I sounded rather breathless and over-excited by this stage - she joined in the triumphant celebrations!

I've never even seen actual Wollmeise, but after reading about it on blogs, seeing how 350 skeins can go in 5 minutes at the Loopy Ewe, and listening to Claudia herself on the Knitting Uncensored podcast... I just had to participate in all the amazing madness that seems to be connected to this yarn. So, this is my first Wollmeise purhase and I'm in a very happy place already. I hate to think of my state when the yarn arrives...

The last time I got this excited was over Numma Numma. I'm a big fan of Numma Numma. I can stare at a skein of Numma Numma for hours. I bought the Black Cherry Jam and Sprinkles for Stella last time. What can I say? It's colour therapy!

Before the Wollmeise madness, I picked up some yarn for my Molly Ringwald by Michele Rose Orne (downloaded from the Interweave site).
It's pink - but I think a top called Molly Ringwald needs to be pink. I picked up Michele Rose Orne's Inspired to Knit a little while ago, too. It's really, really gorgeous. I'm a big fan of the Papillon Cardigan.

Speaking of books, this one was just for fun!
It has the cutest little vampires in it and since vampires have also been a major part of my life lately... well, at least, those of the fictional variety have been! I realised how bad it had gotten when a friend visited and managed to find a vampire novel in almost every room.


Chooks'r'us said...

I have no idea really about this post except that it sounds exciting!! And I LOVE the crochet book - now that's more my thing. Any blood-sucking chickens??

Gidgetknits said...

Sorry, no creepy chickens... which is a major oversight and should be rectified... we need a pattern for vampire chickens!