Sunday, August 24, 2008

What Would Arwen Wear?

Woodland Shawl (Nikol Lohr, Thrifty Knitter)
"When it's Tolkien, it only makes sense to have a woodland theme."

It really is difficult to photograph lace in progress! It's my first shawl, my first time on circular needles, and I'm enjoying the process, although at some point during Silent Witness last night, an extra stitch snuck into the pattern. I suspect foul play. I'm using Bellamodern's The Lord of the Rings - I managed to snap up the very last skein at the Loopy Ewe a while ago and since my life has recently been dominated by The Lord of the Rings, it made sense to celebrate the fact.

It is a great pattern and the yarn is marvelous. Isn't it just what Arwen would wear?

I like Arwen. She is able to be strong and valiant without having to turn into 'warrior-girl'. I love that she embroiders a banner for Aragorn - that there is power in her needle. There's a long tradition of independent women who make their minds known through the needle - just think of Penelope. And while she is Aragorn's ultimate prize, the choice to marry him is profoundly her own. I can imagine Elrond's feelings about that little scenario considering his own heritage (check out his family tree and you'll see what I mean). Okay, the appendix does rather ruin it for me... and that slight suspicion that Legolas and Gimli didn't tell her about their boat when they left her behind in Middle-earth!

On a purely superficial note, she also has the best hair accessories in the films!

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