Saturday, September 13, 2008

Being Frank

Maelstrom (Cookie A.) and vanilla sock
"Frankly, a lot of socks in progress."

Spring is already getting too warm for me. It was just the other week I was rushing to finish my Sea World socks to keep my feet cosy.

I have a new, red, whistling kettle though and somehow started two new socks. The Maelstroms are in Socks that Rock Pixie Park and for some reason, I seem remarkably talented at losing track of the pattern. It's not that difficult a pattern (and it's a fun to watch take shape), but after successfully ripping back three rows last night and catching back up again, this morning I ended the last row with... one stitch too few. I looked in horror at the sock. What does it do? Rip out its own stitches (there's an image to make one shudder)?

Thinking it must be me, I also started a new sock with Indie Dyer's Bedazzled. I love this yarn! The colour is amazing and turns a simple, vanilla sock into a work of stunning art. I think I might be safer sticking to the vanilla sock until my brain kicks back into action after the symposium next week (yes, there's this welcome speech and a paper I'm supposed to be finishing...).

Although, has anyone noticed how little bright yellow sock yarn there is in the world?

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