Monday, September 8, 2008

Ending with yarn

Coming home from a full day's teaching, Dusk and Dragonfly were waiting for me! They're from Monsoon Designs and while it boggles my mind that there's someone in the Northern Territory dying yarn, they are very soft and very pretty! It was my first outing with the Yarn Collective. No hitches so far! It's a brilliant concept for Australia. I think half the appeal of yarn stashing is the connection to all the indie dyers and spinners around the world, but finding sources close to home (less yarn miles!) is an absolute bonus. I love buying yarn that isn't 'corporate'. I love the idea that someone was cooking up a batch of colourful string on their stove! I love the idea that I'm connecting with someone as nutty about yarn as I am through a hank of yarn!

Mind, I do find myself getting slightly jittery when I realise that right now, I have no yarn on order...

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