Wednesday, September 17, 2008

A little vintage, a little yo-yo

I should be revising papers that I have to give this weekend. That's what I should be doing. But last night, after a very very long day, I got home to some lovely parcels!

First, you can see my latest additions to sock stash - straight from the Yo Yo. Already 'Those Old High School Jeans' is looking a little too well-hugged! But so soft! And I loved the colourway from the moment I saw it. Although evidence shows a strong Frankish trend to my socks, this colourway reminded me of the good bits of high school, the bits I haven't blocked from memory. 'All Songs Considered' looks kind of juicy... I know that's an odd remark. But I loved the parcel! And the surprise stitch markers and little note just set the whole thing off. This was a good parcel!

You can also see that VCM has been at work with the needles - a yellow sweater from a vintage pattern and it looks great on. There is something to be said for a sweater that shows off an hour glass-ish figure in all the right ways. There was also a little pink top that I can't photograph as I'm currently wearing it (and apart from my feet, I doubt I'll get around to photographing any other part of myself!). It's very preppy (yes, I was a preppy-wannabe in high school too - I come from that generation) and I'm wearing it with jeans today. I have to go on campus a bit later to help with a talk, but it's not too casual. With the right jacket. And it feels glorious on - something to be said for the bamboo blend yarns. They are so good on the skin.

You can also see the Molly Ringwald progress. I'm almost up to the increases, where I'll have to start figuring out where to start the arm decreases at the same time as figure out where the bodice pattern begins. The slightly nerve-wrecking part of the exercise.

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