Monday, September 29, 2008


"For when you feel rosy and nutty?" asks Loopy

I'm holding off publishing this entry as I write, for the socks above will be gifted to VCM and I just have to wait for her to have them in her hot little hands first! The Crystal Palace Roses turned out beautifully though! They really are glorious looking socks and light to wear. A friend across the country picked up the Crystal Palace Vanilla Cream the other day, so I had to play copy cat. Well, I too will require summer socks! Shhh... you don't know I already have Faded Jeans!

I was trying to wind my Yarn Pirate Daisy up into a ball last night while watching Private Practice. It's gorgeous yarn - sooooooo soft. Unfortunately and rather impolitely, I'll quote - I think - Lime & Violet by admitting it turned into yarn vomit or something very like. It's going to take me forever to sort out the mess! And it wasn't the yarn's fault. I just got impatient at one point and... disaster.

So here's the Knittery's Daisy instead - it's acting as garnish for some Etsy purchases! Scarymerry's stitchmarkers are incredible - so small, delicate and detailed. I got the mice wrapped in yarn for VCM (another reason I can't publish this today!) and the flying pigs for me. The latter were a must-have. I love flying pigs! I was born in the Year of the Pig and every Year of the Pig, I happily go flying about the world (often literally - once I managed London, Vienna, New York, Washington DC, Sydney...), so I inform everyone that I am a flying pig! Don't tell me "when pigs fly" - I'm proof they do!

Okay, now I feel I can safely publish this post before engaging in my favourite activity - herding chickens. I have to go to a talk on campus shortly, which means herding the hens back into the coop. Yes, I actually foolishly let them out for a couple of hours - they guilted me into it! Particularly after I'd cruelly banished Coco back to the humpy for picking on Lola only to discover that Lola and Fifi then proceeded to gang up on Mimi... oh dear.

But for a giggle, check out the latest entry at the Pantopicon. Not only do I love that he loves lime socks and names his blog after a Foucaultian concept, but the campaign with Dolores the sheep is hilarious. Seriously, if you want a woman as president - or vice president - I think you should go for Dolores! Not that I'd be political or anything here...

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Chooks'r'us said...

Where/how did you find that blog?? I LOVE it! Am I right? Thanks so much - have added it to my blog roll. Hope you are enjoying being home - despite the decimated peas. Lock 'em up, I say. Braaaak, say the prisoners in reply x