Monday, September 29, 2008

Washing day

My new knitting pirate T-shirt from Cafe Press. It's similar to the one seen in Gilmore Girls - only, mine's brown, not black. And in the background, you can see busily dustbathing chickens. In fact, here's a close-up...

I could spend a couple of hours just watching chickens dustbathe!

I was knitting on the bus this morning, one of my colleagues sitting just behind me. As we lept off (and, as usual, I'd worked up speed, so inadvertently hopped off before the little old lady and felt horribly guilty - after all, I do always try to let my elders off first, but sometimes I do tumble out of the bus rather quickly and it was either stop and have her bump into me, or keep going), she asked me what I was working on. It was my Indie Dyer's Dazzled vanilla sock. She looked kind of bemused. I don't think Muggles get it...

But another colleague, now across the country from me, does get it and she left me a sock pattern in my pigeon hole! The student I was meeting that morning (and I was only four minutes - precisely - late) was curious about why I looked excited, so I had to explain to her that we were working very hard on an article about knitting... well, it is true!

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