Saturday, September 6, 2008

White petal showers

Briar Rose Monkeys (Cookie A.)
"Because Monkeys should always have trees to climb"

Two Briar Rose (Chameleon Colourworks Bambino) Monkeys in a budding plum tree... it's almost entirely poetic even at its most prosaic - descriptively speaking. I love these socks. The moment that yarn was in my hands it called: "make me into Monkeys!" The pattern just suits the subtle movement from rose into a pinky brown.

And fairy tale yarn! Name a yarn for a fairy tale and I'm there. And Sleeping Beauty! There are some marvellous tellings. Slighted fairies, other fairies who are off doing business elsewhere and have to borrow seven league boots to get back in time to rescue the situation from tragedy, princesses entranced by spinning (seriously, like those who love yarn can't understand that?) who fall victim to curses, but nonetheless have lovely dreams and wake up to have a long chat to a Prince? I always wondered what the princess dreamed...

Two hens frolicking

Back to domestic reality. Fifi and Lola love to play under the plum tree. This is one of the more picturesque shots. Otherwise all you'd see is their fluffy chicken bottoms poking out of the shrubbery. Fifi has had her wing clipped just a bit so she can't go on any flying adventures.

Am currently trying to finish cuffs on another pair of Glaistigs... they're due as presents. Ran out of black yarn. Black is a tough colour to match. Since recipient also stated that purple would be good, I search for a purple option. It's very difficult to find a really good purple yarn. Had to settle for something novelty and mohair, which is horrendously difficult to knit quickly, but will give the Glaistigs a rather funky look... I hope.

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