Wednesday, October 22, 2008


I asked Fifi and Lola what they thought of my new yarn (Coco and Mimi lost interest the moment I explained - with lots of hand gestures - that it wasn't for eating). Fifi shrugged and said she'd like to see something more 'sunflower seed' colour, but I kept Lola's interest long enough to snap a picture.

It's the Kiwi and Passionfruit (yes, Coco and Mimi pointed out that if the yarn was going to be named after food, they should at least be able to sample it as food) that I bought through the Yarn Collective from The Yarn Cafe. I can highly recommend Yarn Cafe yarn - it's gorgeous, soft, the bamboo shiny, the dye gorgeous. The Passionfruit was bought through the auction function at the Yarn Collective, which was terrific fun and I got a bargain, I think. Just $18! For merina and bamboo! I can't wait to knit it up into socks, but I have Christmas knitting on my needles that must remain secret.

I'm just trying to resist the Yarn Cafe's Tiger Cub colourway - seriously, it makes me happy. Perhaps because it makes me think of Big Cat Diary (okay, they don't have tigers... but...), which is one of my favourite shows *ever*. But she put a postcard of the colourway in with my order, which was brilliant, because it is the colourway I really love.

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