Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Lorikeets aren't popular, either

Ha - my order from Yarns Online arrived today, too! I tried to get the interest of the hens with my Fibreworks 'Lorikeet' lace weight, but they were more interested in the sunflower seeds I'd just sprinkled on the grass. Jumpy bunch today. I think the cat - who was reclining on the shade cloth over their hen house when I went out this morning - has them a little spooked. Coco and Mimi deal easily with the cat, but it must be annoying when there's a bully about who views you as a food staple.

Anyway, the colours are glorious, aren't they? I'm not sure which shawl to make - but I'll figure it out some time! And Yarns Online is quick and efficient with a stunning range (I also got the Noni Year of the Pig bag pattern). The Yarn Cafe is my favourite, though, I think, of all the Australian options. It's just that she does dye her own yarn and it's so gorgeous... tiger cub, tiger cub...

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Chooks'r'us said...

oo - that' IS good! Thanks to you I'm part way through a very silly crochet project for You Know Who(se). I'm enjoying the embellishments, let's just say. Oh and by the way, I just tagged you if you feel like playing. And I think Lola wants a cardie so best you fish out those patterns you sent me a while back and make her something noice.