Saturday, October 18, 2008

Mystery Sock KAL

Don't say I didn't warn you - later in this post is a picture of the sock resulting from the first two clues of the Mystery Sock KAL. I did spot some other knitters blogging their results and since we're well into the week of the third clue, I figure it should be okay - particularly as I know of no readers involved. But so you don't spot it first, I've included a photo of my latest stitchmarkers from my favourite Scary Merry. Those are Ba - aaaa - ad sheep with little skulls on their heads. They rock! And then Starbucks for my knitting - the caffeine kick can only help. I actually don't mind Starbucks. I hardly ever go there these days. I did have a Starbucks spree in London in 1999. I know, because I have the postcard for hungover 2000 New Year's Day revellers to use (pictures of various beverages to which you could point to place an order - rather than having to make sound) from Starbucks. No, I wasn't hungover. I was in Vienna waltzing. I picked the card up later.

I think I'm developing a Scary Merry collection though...

I've been trialing Australian sock yarn sources. I've been using the Knittery for a while (and there's now a very cute baby at Knittery central). Then I discovered the Yarn Collective. I've already picked up some Monsoon Designs from there and am waiting for my next fix. Then I found Yarnomat, that has my favourite Crystal Palace Panda cotton/bamboo blend. It's the perfect sock yarn for summer and the colours are a-m-a-z-i-n-g. They knit up so gorgeous! And Yarnomat has them at affordable prices, now the $A is awful again. I placed my order on Wednesday and had the parcel Friday! Excellent service and particularly good postage. And so, below, with my Mystery Sock progress, using Yo-Yo's Berry Pickin', you can see my new yarn!

The brown is called Pinto and I had to get it in honour of the wild ponies out on the island somewhere in Virginia that a friend and I visited in January (or was it February... oh dear...). I'll see if he notices this mention.

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