Saturday, October 11, 2008

One Sock Cheer

All right, it's just the one sock, but I finished it last night! It will, alas, have to wait for a partner, as I've realised I've a pile of Christmas knitting waiting to be done. Socks and scarves and mittens... thankfully, most of my friends do live in cold-weather December climates! Although... this afternoon, I think I'll try a few rows of my Molly Ringwald.

This post from Bunkybobo's blog spoke to me. I think the problem is that the world economy doesn't run on something tangible... like handknitted socks or homemade soup. And I sometimes wonder what would happen if we refused to let Wall Street and all the CEOs etc run our lives for us through money...

Cheering me up, a viral whatsit that is a spoof on A-Ha's incredible, amazing, wonderful (yes, I was and still am a fan) of Take On Me. I found it via the Guardian this morning. Like I was alone in wishing I was the girl...

Although, it did occur to me - she's reading a comic/graphic novel (still largely associated with the male reader). One about motorbikes. For a girl from the 80s, she really did challenge a few gender stereotypes!

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