Thursday, October 9, 2008

Our special spaces

This, apparently, is Mimi's favourite spot. She has managed to dig herself a rather deep dustbathing area between potatoes and broad beans. In between pulling out lettuces and peas. She left all the weeds.

I get home these days to four little hens huddled at the gate of their coop: "We've been locked in all day. We'd like to go play on the grass. Please let us out!!" Looking at their perky chicken faces, I give in. Then four times I drag Mimi out of the vegetable patch... and that's in between dragging Coco and Lola out. By the end, Mimi would look up, spot me, and dawdle out of the vegetable patch with a heavy sigh, plopping down on the lawn just as I reached her as if to say: "you're back."

I can, however, vouch for chasing chickens as good exercise.

This is my new favourite spot - my knitting spot. It is decorated with my new (well, in the sense that I just bought it) 1940s bakelite telephone. On the dial, it has instructions for how to make a call! I love that. And it does work - alas, only locally, so no national or international calls, but at least locally I can pretend to be Lauren Bacall chatting to Humphrey Bogart!

It was a tough day, so I picked up a vanilla bean cupcake too, which you see garnished with my Sereknity 'Cowgirl', my favourite yarn of the moment. I walk about with it, wondering what I shall knit.

I am thinking of pulling out my Maelstroms in Pixie Park... I'm not sure the yarn/pattern combination is working. I was knitting away on the leg of my Mystery Sock last night while watching Doctor Who with commentary, but I didn't get far... obviously not enough cupcake.

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Chooks'r'us said...

The prisoners must be contained - there's no hope for a garden otherwise. I fall for it too - they look at you with those lovely eyes and you just think 'oh, a little bit won't hurt'. Wrong. They can destroy it all in five minutes flat! Contained I say!! (and maybe I'll convince myself eventually)

PS Love the phone