Thursday, October 23, 2008

Six facts

Yes, I was tagged by Chook'r'us to share six random things about myself. And I'll admit up front that I'm terrible at passing along these things as I don't know six bloggers well enough not to feel a little - a lot - terrified tagging them. So I'll pass it into the ether and if you read this and you have a blog - tagged! I'm so chicken (which is kind of appropriate).

1. I was once a temp from Chiswick, just like Donna in Doctor Who. (And I did later pass the Doctor in the street - Charing Cross Road, to be precise. Only, he wasn't the Doctor then. He was 'wasn't that the guy from The Herbal Bed?' But I think he was wearing a brown overcoat. Very odd.)
2. I have a talent for finding four leaf clover. I have thousands of pressed four leaf clovers (and five, six, seven and eight leaf clovers). I can walk down a street and spot a four leaf clover growing by the side of the pavement. I think it's the latent leprechaun in me.
3. I can't drive, but I do love Top Gear (the UK version, I hasten to add) and I would drive if I could have Emma Peel's car.
4. I can't swim, even though my high school produced several Olympic swimmers while I was there.
5. I love the scent of vanilla.
6. Blenheim Palace is my favourite place in the world. Not the palace itself (although it is awfully pretty), but the grounds. When I walk through Woodstock, past the gates and see the lake... the weight of the world is lifted off my shoulders.

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Chooks'r'us said...

Gosh - we really need to meet! Ditto on Top Gear - was incredibly jet lagged in Europe and M. found me ensconced on lounge watching Top Gear. He couldn't quite believe I was watching a car show (I love it too - but the Aussie one isn't doing it for me).