Saturday, November 22, 2008

B-a-a-d Sheep At Work

Still working on Christmas knitting, but you can see my B-a-a-d Sheep doing their job marking an... ummm... gusset of some sort. This little item is destined for the other hemisphere. It's almost done now. While working away at Christmas knitting, I've been discovering amazing toy patterns. Alan Dart now sells his patterns online here, there's the Mochimochi Shop (check out these sofas too), and I'm a big fan now of Ysolda's designs (she also created the Vivian cardigan from the Twist Collective that I fully intend to knit, the Coraline sweater and is going to work on a pattern to celebrate Susanna Clarke's Ladies of Grace Adieu, which I simply can't wait to see).

I discovered that all going well, I'll be heading over to the UK for a conference next year! Would it be bad to plan a knitting crawl around that conference?

Lola had a bout of broodiness the other night. The problem is, she got broody in the big hen house, so when it came time for bed, I had to lift her out and put her in the little hen house. Lola went a bit ballistic. She literally climbed the walls, a frantic and desperate ball of feathers. So I pulled her out. She gave me the evil eye and returned to her nest. Hmmm... I couldn't leave Fifi alone in the little hen house, so I let Mimi go inside as she always seems to wish to. Then I tried to convince Coco to stay with Lola. Lola snapped at Coco. Coco looked at me: "Do I really have to stay in here?" No, okay... Coco goes into the little hen house, which is now filled to the brim with fluffy chicken. I had to check they hadn't engulfed Fifi. Lola meanwhile looked entirely self-satisfied.

Of course, in the morning, she came out, all broodiness gone. I think she did it on purpose.

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