Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Cookie A.'s new book and tigers

Why won't these hens play with me?

You've dropped this TV remote a few times, haven't you?
How do I click it to get
Big Cat Diaries on?

My adopted tiger, Malu Pothi, arrived yesterday. I adopted her from the WWF and yes, I got the deluxe adoption kit because I did want the plush tiger! Having just ordered some Tiger Cub colourway from The Yarn Club, I felt it appropriate to support the real tigers out there. And the WWF has the best logo - you just know they're doing good work out there.

Plus, Big Cat Diaries (no tigers, but cheetahs and leopards and lions!) has come back to TV. In repeats, but I'll take repeats!

In the biggest news though, Cookie A.'s sock book is available for pre-order at Amazon! My inner Gollum is happily smacking fish. Yes, that is disturbing. But I love Cookie A. sock patterns! I mean, seriously... the woman behind the utterly fantastic Monkeys!!! She has a book coming out!!! I may not be able to focus all day!

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