Friday, November 7, 2008

A Soggy Day

Just the one mystery sock

Okay, so I wasn't quite right about Knotions. The new issue is up just as soon as technical difficulties are fixed. I was looking at the last issue. Ahem. But I have rounded the heel of three socks in the past few days. The Mystery Sock is finished... okay, just one is finished, but it's a start. I'm knitting the toe of the blueberry sock and the fern sock is progressing quite nicely. I just need a tad more knitting time and a tad less marking time and I'll be fine.

"What's this wet stuff?"

But it's raining! Actual, proper rain! This hasn't occurred in ages. Rain has not deterred the hens from being out and about, although, as you can see from Coco's expression, they aren't completely sold on the concept.

Yesterday I spent an hour chasing Mimi out of the vegetable patch. No matter how often I picked her up, patiently explained that the vegetable patch was no place for chickens and that if I found her back there again, I'd turn her into stock, she'd ruffle her feathers, turn, and run straight back in among the beans and potatoes. It'll be a miracle if I have any broad beans left.

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