Thursday, December 18, 2008

Deck the Halls with lots of Duckies...

I had all my ducks lined up in a row! They're lemon curd cookies. I made them up. Just a mix of plain flour with a little baking powder, rubbed in some butter and a couple of spoonfuls of a pretty decent lemon curd. Delicious. Not sweet - nice bite. Super easy. Possibly someone else has a recipe somewhere - but I was nibbly, I had no cookies and couldn't figure out what to flavour the cookies with until I noticed I had some lemon curd in the fridge. Hence, lemon curd ducks!

On the side of the plate, one of the iPod cosies I made. I've made lots. Quick and again, super easy. It was great practice for me as I'm still a cable novice, but I have plans to tackle the Cardigan for Arwen in 2009 - to wear when I'm investigating Sherwood Forest if all goes well! I also have my eye on Vivian from the Twist Collective. Sweaters with hoods are one of my major weaknesses.

Speaking of travel, I, alas, used the last of my Quebecois maple syrup on pancakes tonight (I had a healthy lunch - I had an urge for pancakes for dinner). I will miss that maple syrup. It has served me well all year. Even if it did weigh a ridiculous amount as I travelled around Quebec and nothern North America!

I have noticed lately that lots of bloggers are despairing of Christmas commerciality, which is totally understandable. I'll just say, I'm not despairing though. Of course it's out there - and I was kind of alarmed to note that right beside Santa's chair at the local mall were tables set up with all kinds of toys for parents to buy - but it doesn't bother me generally. As a kid, one of my favourite ever Christmases was made wonderful by my grandfather sleeping under the tree waiting to 'catch' Santa and all the dolls' clothes my mother made for me. Little dresses and sweaters and shoes that I could dress my precious dolls in! One of my cousins was horribly spoilt that year and all I remember is him sitting in the midst of his presents, saying, 'what a load of junk.' It made me smile, because my dolls' clothes, on the other hand, were absolutely gorgeous. I still love presents. I love it when Mum phones and says she found something for me for Christmas and I then spend half an hour trying to get her to tell me what it is. This year, she has surpassed herself. She is now keeping her present and Papa's present secret from me. They both know what they're getting - apparently, someone has to still be surprised! I've enjoyed knocking out knitted presents this year. I can't wait for Mum to see what I found for her! It's going to be a good Christmas. Peace and goodwill - that's the most important thing about Christmas. That one day of the year when that's the ideal and I think if we don't let the ideal overwhelm us, we can all achieve it in some measure.


Bells said...

Cute ipod cosies!

Yes, it's possible to let the idea overwhelm us. I am one for that. I find that even when I decide not to give in to the pressure, I then feel guilty that I'm not doing enough, that I'm somehow some sort of nasty, horrible person who can't see the joy when it's right in front of me etc etc. It's a nasty cycle no matter how I look at it.

But I'm trying !

Gidgetknits said...

Yep, I know how hard it gets. I had a couple of those Christmases. I find now that as long as I realise the ideal can overwhelm me, I can keep it pretty much in perspective. It helps me! So I thought I'd put that thought out there!