Friday, December 19, 2008

The Raven Lands!

You know the sock. You see a picture of it and it just blows you away. You think nothing can be quite so wonderful as that sock. You think life would be perfect with just that sock. You think life will never be the same again now that you've seen that sock.

That's how I felt when I saw Lenore.

Unfortunately, the moment I saw Lenore, the dollar plunged. And I'm really resisting the urge to sob 'nevermore'.

Fortunately, Blue Moon Fibres had that barn sale which meant that I could just about wriggle the excuse that it evened up the fall in the dollar. I mean, honestly, since I had already realised that the Socks that Rock Club for 2009 was out of reach...

So today I went to the post office to pick up Lenore. Lenore is just as gorgeous as I imagined. Lenore is quite different to the usual colours I knit. Yes, I tend to be a little on the - ah - bright side. This is obviously a subtle reassertion of my non-existent gothic side (although, I do have that long black skirt with the spider web). Lenore is glorious. I love Lenore.

Yes, I also love the Rivendell socks. I have some Sheep Paints yarn just waiting in the wings to knit them up with. I'm just a little... ah... behind.

Speaking of which, I think there's a bathroom ready for the pre-Christmas spit and polish. Sigh...

Oh, just a side note, the Yarn Harlot was hilarious today and it made me think... how criminal is it that she isn't living in a castle full of yarn with servants to see to her every need when you read about some of the people who have been earning the big dollars? I'm just thinking... if only the economic crisis would bring on the right kind of balance. The people who genuinely make life better for you, whether they be writing about knitting, putting out fires, dashing to the scene of a road accident, teaching nine year olds, smiling when they help you out choosing cold cuts, or anything of that sort, should be earning a good income. I'm still not sure why the people who just seem to play with money often have more of it. Maybe I'm just naive.

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