Wednesday, December 24, 2008

'Tis the day before Christmas....

... And I'm looking for a couple of hooks for my blue tea caddy/dispenser, which is gorgeous and for which I have a certain blogger to thank! She generously allowed me to run away with it. Check out her own Caddy-matic.

And see... the marvels of tea cosies down the decades! I was checking out some vintage pattern books VCM located for me and on the back of one, an advertisement for "Madame Weigel's Booklet of Cosies". They're marvelous and I just wonder what would happen if I did send in for a copy... does anyone have a spare eightpence in stamps? They instantly made me think of Loani Prior's book!

And I purchased the yarn for my Cardigan for Arwen. I was going to find a substitute, but the yarn that it asks for is so amazingly soft. I am now very close to finishing my Woodland Shawl aka Arwen's Shawl, so I'm allowed another LotR project. Mind, the shawl is looking small. I did, however, read about it on Ravelry, so I'm going to take deep breaths and wait to see what I can achieve with some blocking before I panic.

And, on a final note, this year, the parrots have descended upon the plum tree. I love watching them. They pick up a plum with one claw and delicately sample it. They eat about half. They look at it thoughtfully and then carelessly let it drop to the ground and go and select another nice, juicy specimen. I may love to watch this process, however, I do not like cleaning up after it.

And so, to all, Merry Christmas!

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Grand Purl Baa said...

Aw shucks you have my book. I wonder if I'll ever get blase about it. Nah. I don't think so. Clever clever girl doing that BIG lace shawl. I've only been game for lace socks. I must have pulled 'em out 10 times, bits and pieces here and there. All that counting. That's a lot of concentration. Ah well. Feels pretty good at the end. So you must be feeling damn fine.