Friday, January 16, 2009

All new growth

Isn't there something magical about a bean as it sprouts? This is a sword bean. I'm growing it over an arch at the back of the vegetable patch, if not up into the clouds and into the land of giants!

There's also something lovely about soup on the stove. Cauliflower and bread soup... with a dash of vermouth, because, for whatever reason, I've been a bit obsessed about that in terms of cooking lately.

And there's always something wonderful about old knitting booklets! This one dates around 1905 so far as I can tell and the socks are amazing. There's a close up of the top of the golfing sock on the front cover. To the side you can see the Dream in Colour Smooshy in Flamingo Pink, all wound up and on the needles for a Flower Petal Shawl. The Sherwood Shawl is still on the needles, but it's been a bit mentally challenging in the last week, so an easy knit has been called for.

The Cardigan for Arwen is progressing smoothly, too. The Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran is so soft and squishy! I can't wait to wear this sweater.

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Bells said...

Oh I have a bean right about that size right now - we can race them. Mine's a climber, too!

Great old pattern book!

Oh and I was talking to a friend about your vermouth thing yesterday and she said her son swears that vermouth goes off really quickly. We both doubted it - I mean, THAT strength alcohol going off? And anyway, he's a liquor purest - so he probably wouldn't use it in his fancy cocktails, but I reckon you can still cook with it.