Sunday, January 18, 2009

Anyone got a cow to swap?

The bean is growing... so is the grass and is it just me, or does the bunny seriously need to clean its ears? However, Bells' comment about bean races made me laugh. It also made me think what fun it would be to actually have a bean race. You know, everyone plant a bean at a certain time, see which bean grew fastest? Hmmmm...

I spent yesterday afternoon happily engaged chatting to VCM on the phone, knitting on Arwen (I'm trying to figure out where to begin some light waist decreases - since I'm making it a bit longer, I'd like a little shaping), and sniffing Porridge. Not Porridge as in cooked oats (I had the best ever porridge in St Andrews, Scotland - go figure), but as in Lush's new soap. It smells seriously good. I swear I was getting a little high on it. I'd finally given in after a couple of samples and bought a tub of Gorgeous too because, let's face it, if you find a face cream that you can apply, where you then look in the mirror and think 'hey, that's pretty good!', it's worth a little investment. And since I had good timing, I also got a goodie back stocked full of Christmas products. Sure, they're the last of the Christmas batch and this is a good way to get rid of old merchandise, but I'm not complaining.

Later note: Has anyone else noticed their iPod getting a little obsessed when on Shuffle? Mine's currently fixated on the Rolling Stones and Daniel Lavoie, the latter being a French Canadian singer with an amazing gravelly voice. In fact, he also did a couple of children's CDs and my friends with children all agree his CDs are among the few that actually work in settling down children while not causing parents supreme irritation.


Bells said...

I shall post a photo of my bean and we can update regularly! I like it!

I haven't bought any lush for so long. Canberra doesn't have one and I have resented that. I should just order online because that new soap sounds fabulous.

And my ipod seems to get obsessive too - and some days it just knows when I need sad songs or some nostalgia or whatever. I think we have a special relationship, me and the Bellspod (that's what I call it - sorry, her).

Jacqui said...

Mine just flatly refuses to play some songs - and then will randomly throw me something I've completely forgotten is on it. Spooky. Maybe there is an iGhostie in it?