Thursday, January 22, 2009

Being Cake Neutral

I've been doing paperwork all day, but yesterday, although happily sleepy, I was busily occupied with reading books about fashion and knitting on Arwen. I was also delighting in reading the Lush packet, which, if you have trouble reading the above, basically suggests that by cycling ten miles a day, you can burn 500 calories and save 1.8kg of Co2 when compared to driving and, while avoiding the Co2, you also burn calories, thus becoming "cake neutral"! I like that thinking! Although, I can't ride a bike. It's an odd thing. I can ice skate, I can ride horses, but I get on a bike and I go straight into the nearest wall/bush/person before the cycle slowly tumbles over onto its side with me trying to scramble clear.

I also watched the first video found here. Neil Gaiman talking about sinister buttons! How cool is that?


Rose Red said...

Interesting. I can ride a bike, but can't ice skate or ride a horse. Shall we swap?

Jacqui said...

I'm liking this concept, especially as I instigated a "cake-a-day" diet last year that I have stuck to faithfully for over 12 months now. And to think I can trade on it!