Thursday, January 8, 2009

Blueberries in the garden

I finished the paternal socks! A marathon session of Dresden Files DVDs later, and there were two. They're done in Crystal Palace 'blueberry', so it seemed logical to take them for a spin in the garden next to some of the more purple plants in the herb patch. And don't worry if they look too big - they're supposed to be too big for my feet. And don't worry about the straw. They've since been rinsed out and are now busy blocking.

The pattern is inspired by the famous Monkey that the friend in Perth had been toying with. She refers to it as the Manly Monkey. The intended recipient, on the basis of one sock on Christmas Day, remarked that they had holes in them. I had to break it to him that they were meant to have holes in them. Although, I was reading a pattern by Pink Lemon Twist and I think I know how to 'take out the holes'.

Now I've got that Beatles song in my head...

And then there's today's other bright discovery. Vermouth is really great in risotto. I got the idea from Jamie Oliver. I'm not a big drinker. In fact, you could probably count the number of drinks I have in a year on one hand and I do tend to shamelessly orange juice or lemonade drinks down. So I rarely have any wine on hand for risotto. I thought I'd grab a bottle of vermouth instead as it seems that that would keep better? I don't actually know. In fact, I stood in the bottle shop with VCM trying to find vermouth and we eventually had to ask the sales guy, since we had no idea what it actually... ah... looked like. But today, I threw in some brown and wild rice, a little red onion, some chopped up mushrooms from the markets, left over ham from New Year's Day, garlic, vermouth, stock and some marjarom. And it worked! Delicious.

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Bells said...

They are very nice looking socks. The colour is fabulous. It occurs to me I've never made blue socks - what a big gap in my sock knitting!

Now you know, the vermouth idea is one I've read about in Jamie Oliver books for years and never bothered to consider, thinking, who has vermouth in the house? then I go open a bottle of white wine and drink what doesn't go in the dish......

Maybe I should try the vermouth, since I'm unlikely to drink the rest of the bottle!