Monday, January 26, 2009

I Can Cable!

Okay, I knew I could cable. I'd been cabling iPod pouches. And I cabled socks... even if the sock in question was frogged. But after finishing the back of Arwen, I couldn't resist casting on the left front and... knit, knit, knit... I can make the cable!

And aren't these colours glorious? I have a bad habit... when my dinner looks particularly colourful, I can't resist photographing it for posterity. I found gluten free sausages (after frowning 'sausages have gluten in them?') and put together my favourite vegetable 'stew' of red onion, garlic, herbs, tomatoes and capsicum. The tomatoes and herbs are from the garden and the berry tomatoes have the most wonderful 'pop'!

Okay, back to finding pictures of President Obama looking very cool... it's for work, seriously.


Bells said...

And what a magnificent cable it is! I must make that cardigan.

I love photographing my meals when the colours are great. And who knew sausages had gluten???? Must be all that filler they put in them.

Anonymous said...

Cable you are so very brave taking on such a large project, so when am I invited to dinner.