Wednesday, January 21, 2009


I was up last night watching the Inauguration. I curled up with my knitting, because I was determined to knit the moment into something and a golden shawl seemed the perfect choice... that, and I could work on it while getting all weepy! Wow. I love that there is now a President who can get the giggles before taking his oath of office. Can you image how the occasion must have struck him at that moment? Wow. I giggled when I was awarded my PhD (although, at least President Obama didn't have to wear a bonnet with troublesome tassle!). It must have been surreal standing there, realising how far he'd come and how amazing the people who helped get him there were. It was pretty surreal watching it!

And he gave a speech that inspired me. I began coming up with new ideas for the year that I now have to jot down and as he spoke of "the makers of things," happily clattered my needles. The inspiration of his speech for me is that he will lead, but he's told us all in no uncertain terms that we have to hop up and make things happen for ourselves.

That was worth staying up for!


Rose Red said...

I love that you knitted the moment into something! Great idea! I shall do the same when I watch it tonight (I taped it). Looking forward to seeing the giggles.

Bells said...

You might like to know that RoseRed just sent me an email about this post and I hadn't read it yet. Love it. I need to re-watch it because when i was watching it at 3:30am, I was knitting a pink dishcloth. Not quite fitting enough, I think.

Jacqui said...

You knitters rock! I just sat in the beanbag, bleary-eyed and happy. I should have done a drawing in solidarity!

Anonymous said...

Fabulous colours and a wonderful design, looking forward to seeing the finished shawl.