Saturday, February 21, 2009

It's the weekend!!!

I'm trying something new. At the end of the week, I clear off all work related matter (this week, anything to do with picture books... yes, I know, that's why I still can honestly say on occasion 'I love my job') and make myself a weekend desk!!

A few weeks ago, too, on Lime & Violet's Daily Chum, there was a post about whether you could tell you were a knitter from your immediate surroundings. As I cleared off all Emily Gravett's picture books, I looked at what was left... then gathered it in place on the desk (away from the messier cords and pieces of paper!)... and said, "Yep, I'm a knitter."

I've just cast on some Wine and Roses mittens to knit alongside Arwen, which is going really well. I'm almost up to the sleeve, which is a slightly scary concept, with the whole front, sleeve, hood being one piece. For the Wine and Roses mittens, I wound up some of my Apple Laine, which I picked up so so long ago, but which I love knitting with. There's this gorgeous silky sheen to it. I'll put some photos up once I've got... ah... a little further than the cast on.

Right now, I'm off for some time on the treadmill before heading off to buy new jeans. I was hanging up my best jeans yesterday when I noticed - horror of horrors - there's a hole in the, um, seat. Well, not quite a hole. But you can see between the threads of the fabric. I can't believe I wore out my best jeans...

In the meantime, I watched this this morning and it simply made my day! Snails partying!


Rose Red said...

heh heh, I am definitely a knitter - all the faves on my computer are knitting related, besides me on the lounge is my current knitting project and knitting diary, in front of me on the coffee table are two knitting books and a pile of sock yarn (artfully arranged), on my right next to the lounge is my WIP basket and underneath the lounge are no doubt a heap of yarn ends!!

Yay for the weekend!

Bells said...

Ditto to what RoseRed said.

anyone coming to my house for the first time makes no mistake - there are signs all over!

Those wine and roses mitts have long been a favourite of mine. Show us yours!