Sunday, February 22, 2009

Let's start again...

I was going so well! I was doing the thumb gusset and everything. And then mysteriously there were two less stitches than there should be on the needles. And since I'd made a raft of minor errors already (I was still going well!), I decided the mitten had to be frogged and started again. It's just a good thing I really love the yarn! The mix of silk and mohair in the yarn is amazing to work with.

Wine and Roses Mitts by Jolene Treace
in Apple Laine's Painted Daisies

And you can see my $5 sunglasses!!! Seriously happy with these. They give the world an amber glow when I look through them.

I really enjoyed this piece on Obama's surprise market visit in Ottawa. Obama buying cookies. It makes me happy.

I have no idea why. Much as I have no idea why I tear up watching Sister Act.

But now I'm off to check the progress of my pink grapefruit sorbet.


Rose Red said...

Heh, my husband and I went to see Sister Act on our first date, so I've got a soft spot for it too!!

Nice Obama story!

Jacqui said...

pink grapefruit sorbet? and you think grinding almonds is going too far?! I bet it was delicious. Thanks for your comments today...I'm now tired and frazzled and waiting for the damn thing to finish cooking. I finally made it after dinner and I have to say, the KA is pretty amazing. You know it comes in pink, don't you? :) PS loved the Obama story

Bells said...

oh yeah, sometimes you've just gotta start over. It's not so bad. I always feel virtuous doing it, unless of course I start over more than 3 times....

Sister Act is just one of those movies. Love it.