Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Loving the cloudy skies and cinema sock yarn

We've had some really bad days in Victoria. Most of those reading know about it and I don't think I could say anything better than what has been said in respect to the sympathy that we have for those who lost so much and the awe we have for those who risked it all to save what could be saved. But I can point to this. Seriously, have a look... it will make you smile in the midst of all the bad news.

And it's actually cloudy and cool today. Which seems odd after the week we've had.

I've starting knitting all the fishtails on my Lothlorien Sunshine Shawl. Two down... something like ten to go? And as I arrived home after work (having just cleaned out my office - not that I'm leaving, I'm just moving to new digs), I found a surprise parcel. Well, not so much a surprise, but I hadn't thought about it in a bit. My first installment of Knit!'s cinema sock club - The Wizard of Oz month. I shan't say too much, since by some quirk of fate, the one person in the club who hasn't had their yarn yet will probably click onto my blog for the first time ever and I have enough friends telling me off about 'spoilers' (I admit it, I'm bad - I also have a mother who always asks me what happens at the end of a film or book, so I'm kind of trained to 'spoil'), but let's just say, it sparkles and Rose Red would approve! Okay, that was a bit spoilery, but, as I said, what are the odds? I'll put a photo up in a few days' time.


Jacqui said...

love that pic...I have one from a week ago a friend emailed me showing a cyclist stopping to give a Koala his water and the koala clinging to the bottle like a baby. Poor things have suffered so much in the heat and now fires.

I'm soooooooo curious about this sock wool and actually feel the need to have some though it sounds like it will be all sold out. Wizard of Oz is one of my all time favourite movies. Can't wait to see the photos

Bells said...

Oh thanks for that. Gorgeous.

How is your bean going? Mine is struggling.

Rose Red said...

Ruby Red Slipper sock yarn!!! OMG I must see pictures!!! (if anyone complains about spoilers, feel free to blame me entirely!!)