Friday, February 6, 2009

Magazine Roundup

Just trotted back from the shops with my hot pink trolley (no grandma trolley for me!) full of fruit and vegetables and knitting magazines!

I finally found knit.1 at the newsagency!!! I'd been really, really wanting this issue! Seriously, Cookie A.'s Marlene socks, Ysolda's Rapunzel stockings... when I saw it there on the stand, I was practically jumping up and down in glee. Also spotted the new Knit Today that had one of those glorious Rowan Magazine vintage sweaters featured. I kind of wanted that magazine, but couldn't get it (I was too slow at the LYS), so just having the one pattern... yes, yes, yes!

Oh, and that's a blood orange and cardamom cordial in the background. Isn't it pretty? It reminds me of my Lothlorien Sunshine Shawl. We've got another really hot day tomorrow, so I've got cordial for icy drinks. And lots of watermelon, fruit, anything that might be cold.

But now, I'm off to nibble sushi and finish a book review. I've discovered writing book reviews is really really difficult. Having my own writing out there now (non-fiction and in very obscure places!), I'm very aware of how it could hurt to read an even faintly negative review (not that I read reviews - I'd like to retain my sanity), and, after all, the review is just picking up weaknesses I perceive and I don't know everything.

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