Friday, February 13, 2009

An Ominous Banging Upon My Door

I'm working all day from home today. I get to do that. I get to sit in my pyjamas, drink coffee, and work on my laptop. Because the commute is easy, I can sleep in a bit. I actually didn't today. Which is lucky. At 8am, I was sipping coffee and reading the papers online when I jumped ten feet in the air.

Bang bang bang.

Who would want me at this time of the morning? And don't they know I'm in my pyjamas?

I went to the door. There was a parcel on the porch and the delivery guy was slinking back to his van. He never comes this early. And why did he feel the need to make a racket on my door when he was just going to leave the parcel there anyway? Did he suspect I was asleep and feel the need for revenge since he was already up delivering parcels? Is he the same guy who caught me earlier in the week when I'd just been on the treadmill before lunch and had had a shower, so had wet hair and was snuggled into a bathrobe when I had to sign for my box of Lush products? I mean, I had been up for ages. I'd been working. I'd just taken a Treadmill break. But he still gave me that "figures... doesn't get dressed before midday" look.

Oh well... this is just so cute. It's a crochet whale cosy for your headphones! From Roman Sock. I want one.


Rose Red said...

I so get you on both the working from home business and the delivery person banging on the door and running away.

But more to the point - what was in the package??!!

Bells said...

yeah, that's what I want to know - package info please!

Roman sock does such clever things!

Grand Purl Baa said...

Gidget! You OWN pajamas?