Sunday, February 15, 2009


For some time I've been trying to figure out why, when Mimi and Coco join the two little hens, the little hens' water bowl always ends up empty and full of mud. Mimi and Coco have their own water bowl. They can't be that thirsty.

Then I turned around after filling it yesterday. Mimi was at the water bowl. Using her foot to splash the water out so that she could play and peck in the resulting mud.

Here she is - blurred foot in foot action shot

When I was a kid, the house I lived in was on stilts and underneath there was a small laundry area and the rest was basically dirt. I regarded it as a high treat when Mum would let me use the hose to create an under-the-house river. I'd play there for hours. Mimi and Coco are chips off the old block. This morning while watering I gave them a little river and they were thigh high in it in moments, scratching and splashing and generally having a great time. (And the plants got watered as well - I wasn't wasting water, don't worry.)

This afternoon I spent finishing fish tails on my Lothlorian Sunshine Shawl. Here it is pre-blocking. It is currently on the spare bed blocking. It was a tricky, pin-wielding project and I have a complete inability to get lines straight... but I think it'll be okay! Fingers crossed!

P.S. Wondering what was in the parcel delivered so early? Valentine's presents of course! Including a very pretty French white knit top.


Rose Red said...

Valentine's presents! Nice!

Bells said...

oh how cute that the chickens want to play in the mud. I remember when a hose was all you needed for a fun afternoon!

Lookng forward to seeing the blocked shawl.