Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Cinema Club spoiling... read at your own peril

I'm so excited by this month's sock club that I can't wait to blog about it! It just arrived. In fact, this month's club is really why I signed up in the first place.

The Princess Bride!

So, first, to allow those who might accidentally wander by this blog and be part of Knit It Up's cinema sock club (but not have their parcel yet) to scroll away, first...

And that's actually a clue! And while I'm at it, I'll just mention that next month I'm going to be where they filmed Humperdinck's castle! You can see it here. I'll also be in the vicinity of Chatsworth House (Pemberley!), so I'm going to be utterly insufferable. You are warned.

And last night I finished the first draft of my fairy tale book! Yes, I write books. I don't publish them - not yet, anyway - I just write them. Lots of them. And then I send them off into the world and keep writing. I used to write terrible books about girls who discover their fathers are rock stars and their grandfathers English Dukes. Well, I was fourteen at the time! Now I just write about fairies and gnomes... I grew up!

Okay, hopefully that's given everyone who needs to enough time to look away, so here we go. Look at this. Isn't this amazing?

Yes, I have been hugging the 'Man in Black' yarn! And the pouch is brilliant. As are the Miracle Max pills! After a long, tough day, this just cheered me up no end. I may go to bed with this yarn clutched in my paws. I love this yarn. I love this installment of the sock club!


Rose Red said...

What a great idea for a sock club - I LOVE IT! Am so envious of that yarn. Not to mention the trip to England and lovely Pemberley! Can't wait to see pics - both of the yarn knitted up and also of Pemberley...sigh.

Jacqui said...

oh that is beautiful...I love this sock club idea, I really do.