Sunday, March 22, 2009

I can kitchener! Sort of...

Yes, I've been making socks for ages. Yes, I sort of thought I was already doing the kitchener stitch. No, I actually wasn't doing the kitchener.

But last night, I was up to kitchenering the cuff of Arwen and so I sat down with the instructions and focussed and... it's not bad! I mean, I'm still a novice, so it's not precisely invisible, but you have to squint a bit. Once I block it, it'll be good!

And now onto the left side hood!

Coco is greeting me every morning at the back door. She's found a loose bit of wire in the coop, so out she pops. Chasing a hen around the back yard is a little futile. So I've learned to get her breakfast and she follows me like a puppy, straight back into the coop. The perplexing thing is that Mimi, who is related to Houdini, has not followed Coco out.

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