Friday, March 27, 2009

The Left Side of the Arwen

Now, doesn't it just look like one of those comical sweaters gone wrong that you sometimes see on TV? The ones with eights arms etc (which I explained to a friend would actually be rather tricky to achieve)? But left front, left sleeve and left half of the hood all done!

I've been knitting vanilla socks again at work during casual meetings. I glance around and everyone is watching my hands move. I've hypnotised them. I'm trying to think of how to use this ability to my benefit.

Cookie A.'s sock book is currently winging its way to me. I am not sure how the postman is going to survive my pouncing on him every time he comes. Luckily for him, most of the time, I'll be well and truly on campus.

Also winging its way to me (though I had to get the FBI involved), my own Princess Leia USB!!! You've no idea... I had a few hours sectioned off in the afternoon to work on various papers with rapidly approaching deadlines. So I developed, naturally, an obsession with obtaining this USB. Yet, somehow, I got practically everything done. (Oh, and the USB hunt was really inspired by the final book of The Princess Diaries.)
And now Lola is having a high time chasing pigeons in her coop.

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Rose Red said...

That USB is fantastic!!! How could you not be happy using that.

I wish I could knit at work. Oh, that's right, I'm unemployed! I could knit all the time. Not sure why I'm on the computer then...ha!