Monday, March 9, 2009

More Accidental Knitting

I'm having a knitting funk. I went back to this sock that I began ages and ages ago (shhh... don't look at the blog banner) and... it started pooling horribly! It was coming out so wonderfully and then... while I was watching 24, I noticed a lilac 'blob'. As soon as I switched from the calf swirl pattern to the leg swirl... disaster. I'm not sure I can do anything about it other than frog. I mean, yes, they were going to be extraordinarily bright socks in any case, but still... a lilac blob?

I won't even mention that I noticed I'd knitted the last 20 rows of Arwen on the smaller size needles. If you don't tell, I won't tell. You can't really notice. At least, not while you're watching Lost in Austen you can't!

And why is it that when you buy the jumbo pack of toilet paper, that's the day you have a relatively cute guy behind you in the check out line?


Bells said...

I think I caught the knitting funk about two hours ago. Nothing is right. I am going to knit a gauge swatch just so I can do something (hopefully) right.

Groan at the toilet/cute guy thing. Typical.

Jacqui said...

If you lived in Sydney I could say he was probably gay but Melbourne...bummer (oops - no pun intended).

I lost my urge to crochet last year big time and haven't got it back yet. Somehow an adult friend convinced me to make a poncho for her - phew, nearly killed me.

I loved Lost in Austen - lots of good belly laughs. Looking forward to next weekend.