Friday, March 6, 2009

The Owl and the Bling Bling Fish

The Owl and the Bling Bling Fish went to sea in a beautiful pea green boat...

Or, at least, my approximation of one! I picked up a copy of Roman Sock's gorgeous Headphone Whale pattern. Now, I'm not that good at crochet yet. My first 'contemporary' piece of crochet (ie, crochet I remember doing) was, funnily enough, Roman Sock's Owlet, seen above. But I didn't feel quite up to the Whale, so I begged VCM, who obliged, although... seriously, the Whale came out as a Bling Bling Fish! (Forgive any scrappiness in finishing - I did some of the finishing!) A Bling Bling Fish I love, which cosily stores away my headphones, but definitely a fish rather than a whale, with VCM's additional touches of rhinestones and pearls! Seriously cute.

And today I'm back to a morning of staying in my pyjamas, eating porridge and drinking coffee (we won't mention the earlier spit-take on a mouthful of thankfully cold coffee that managed to spray the laptop and beyond). Yesterday was just craziness. The kind of day when it's 4:30pm and you're still trying to finish the lunch you only started at 2pm. And I'd packed my first Bento Box and everything! Okay, not really a Bento Box, but I was trying to use the basic principles after seeing these. So I packed some cold sesame noodles, some jelly (I love doing it in silicone cupcake molds - if you add a bit more gelatine, you can de-mold the jelly into fun shapes, but this batch didn't have quite enough gelatine) and blueberries.

And now it's time for confession... the red velvet cupcakes were a total cheat! I do bake cupcakes from scratch... just not this batch, because I'm still having trouble figuring out the texture of gluten-free flour. So I grabbed a box of plain gluten-free cupcake mix, whipped it up, adding generous dollops of red food colouring and... voila! Red velvet cupcakes! Sort of. But, really, it's just the fun of the cupcake being so gosh darn red!


Rose Red said...

Ok, I totally love the idea of jelly in silicone cupcake moulds - what a great idea!!

Chrissy said...

I had trouble figuring out the right flour too at first, but now I always use Jules Gluten Free flour (I just order online) you can even buy a sample pack and test it out. Works great!