Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Paint It Red!

With deference to the Rolling Stones and 'Paint It Black,' yesterday I felt more like 'Paint It Red', so I made red velvet cupcakes! And there was some Wollmeise handy. And have you seen those Blossom socks in the new Twist Collective? Seriously, wow!

And today I really wasn't going to buy the winter Knit Simple. But then I saw the sock puppets.

And cold sesame noodles really are delicious cold... although I overdosed on peanut butter in the recipe. Must use much less next time. I think it'd be fine if I was using the suggested egg noodles, but it's a bit too much with rice noodles.

And I shouldn't knit on Arwen after a full teaching day, because I forget things like I should have started the short rows three rows ago.

And I should stop using 'and' and start rewriting lectures and revising book reviews...


Rose Red said...

Oh my, look at those cupcakes - and that Wollmeise! And those cute puppets.

Hmmm, I think the overuse of "and" is catching!!

(which shade of Wollmeise is it?)

Gidgetknits said...

It's the Wilder Mohn - wild poppies. And it really is wild!

Bells said...

I am going to demand that you devote an entire post to the making of red velvet cupcakes. Pronto.