Wednesday, March 18, 2009

What Chickens Wear

Now, over at Life in the Dome, I've been trading chicken-knitting ideas.

Today on Jezebel, I spotted this. You can see the photo above, too. I just love that the clever Jane Blaine even picked a very feminine, fluffy yarn for her rescue chicken. I'm sure the chicken thinks she looks marvelous and is simply over the moon at her new life.

Mimi and Coco are kind of rescue hens. They were bought quite young, but were thus saved from a not very happy life in huge barns. Their beaks were already clipped. Coco's is almost back to normal, but Mimi's was clipped badly and I don't think she'll ever have quite a normal beak, which means she tends to bite my finger when eating out of my hand. I don't hold it against her.

I've been working at home today, so the hens have been delighted at the prospect of my popping out now and again with treats. In fact, Lola stood at the fence staring at me, clearly trying to mesmerize me into bringing her sunflower seeds. It worked.

I'm almost finished the sleeve on Arwen and I've just ordered some yarn (yes, like I need more yarn) to try some Bella's Mittens. I wasn't that enthused by them until I looked on Ravelry and saw them in white. Oh, oh, oh! Now, I know white is really, really impractical for mittens. Do you know what? I don't care. I want them in white! I think I might even carry them with me to Pemberley...

Where, if I don't find a Mr Darcy wearing a white shirt in the pond, I'm going to be severely upset...

It isn't as if I've even managed to get into Longbourne through my bathroom and I've tried. (Note: you may have had to have watched Lost in Austen to understand my pain.)


Bells said...

Oh I feel your pain alright!!!

Cute chicken. :-)

Rose Red said...

I can't believe I didn't try to get to Longbourne through my bathroom too. I guess if that doesn't work you can try a public toilet in London!