Monday, March 2, 2009

What a day!

It's been one of those days. Just missed the bus, which meant I didn't have the figures ready for a meeting, which meant I had to do the figures on the fly in the meeting, which meant the figures went all wrong. I felt inspired by Mimi and Coco, seen below trying to dig their way out of the coop. That is, I felt like digging my way out of the meeting. But I didn't even have a teaspoon.

At least having missed the bus, I caught the later bus that meant I could sit next to the cute guy who sometimes catches the bus.

And when my wine and roses mitt developed about four extra stitches, I at least had the Yarn Harlot's Feb 26 entry to console myself with. You won't be able to see the extra stitches in the photo... but I put it there just in case I do have to frog it again. Proof that I got that far at least once! And you can see I finally cast on the sleeve of my Arwen! I figured it out last night while watching 24. Knock on wood, so far, so good. I'm not finding it as tricky as I feared and found some terrific advice on how to widen the sleeve. Which, when I remember where I found it, I'll include. (Like, now... here.)

And now I'm home a bit early to finish writing up lectures. I carried a very heavy grocery bag home as tonight I'm planning to try out a recipe for cold sesame noodles. These are a favourite of Princess Mia (The Princess Diaries). I finished the last book of the series on Saturday night - at about 2am! But it was totally worth it. And left me with the urge to try out cold sesame noodles. Only... I have to use rice noodles since, like the author of The Princess Diaries, I have to go gluten free. So we'll see how it works...

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