Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I've been on adventures!

I've been on adventures with socks! I just got back today - I sneakily emailed the last post from Hong Kong while waiting for the plane to refuel.

Above you can see the Knittery's Orchid being knitted into a Monkey sock at Belvoir Castle. The Castle itself was closed, but I did get to walk the gardens, which were lovely. I was staying in Grantham - in a 12th century inn complete with ghost called Jasper (we never met, though I lurked around the corridor he favours). In Grantham, they believed that only a taxi could take you to Belvoir Castle. However, I managed to ferret out a local bus. The local bus was filled with locals (remember, I'm jetlagged). One rather twinkly gent winked at me: "They're all shocked - there's a stranger on board!" You hopped out at a cross roads in a tiny village and walked about half an hour up a road through fields, the castle looming on the hill. After a good wander and a bit of knitting and tea - and time spent chatting to the peacocks who prowled the closed icecream parlour - I trotted back down to catch the last bus back to Grantham. As I reached the crossroads, I looked down the road into the village and realised... I had no idea whatsoever where to catch the bus. Thankfully, the twinkly gent was mowing his lawn and waved me over: "I thought I spotted you! You need the bus back, do you? Well, it hasn't come yet, but if you go over there, you'll be sure to catch it." Heaving a sigh of relief, I hopped back on and the driver grinned: "Back to Grantham, I presume?"

More adventures to come! I've just been catching up on work email... shudder...


Rose Red said...

Thank goodness for twinkly gents! Not to mention knitting and tea!

Jacqui said...

Welcome home!! How are your girls? Did they cope? More stories and photos please. Sounds like you made a bit of stir in ol' Grantham :)