Saturday, April 11, 2009

Stories and knitting

Comic as seen with cast on Monkey in Knittery's 'Orchid' -
I'm really going to miss the Knittery, at least till it's on Etsy

I was never a comic book fan as a child or teen. But as an adult? I'm beginning to change my ways. A student helpfully put me onto Bill Willingham's Fables comics and I'm now happily addicted... and have a bit of a crush on Bigby (Big Bad Wolf). This will not surprise those who know me.

Bigby has a bit of a thing running with Snow White and so when I opened up my Easter present from Mum (was never into Easter eggs, either - Mum always gave me clothes), I gasped: "This is absolutely what Snow White would wear!"

Even better, Snow White probably is my favourite fairy tale heroine - since she always had dark hair (I'm still stinging from an incident in Grade 2 where the teacher picked the cute blonde kid to play Snow White - it was just wrong).

I've had rather a lot of presents lately. I've just had a birthday! And celebrated by staying in bed reading a Meg Cabot novel while nibbling toast and drinking coffee. Bliss.


Rose Red said...

You had a birthday and you didn't tell? (well, ok, I guess you just did!) - happy birthday!!

Love the skirt - I would totally wear that too. and yes, Knittery - sob!

Bells said...

Happy birthday!

Snow White could never be blonde. That teacher was a moron. Beautiful skirt though!