Sunday, May 17, 2009

BSG knitting

The wonderful thing about having students? They tell you about all the cool stuff out there. Which is why I'm ever so slightly addicted to BSG now (okay, BKFF nagged me for ages to watch it too and now we're both deciding on sparkly yarn to knit Vipers in). Anyway, watching lots of BSG has been good for my knitting output. The sleeve on Arwen is now underway and I began the Scholar's Collar with a little riff... a row of owl cables. Subtle enough for a man, do you think? I didn't want to make it girly, but owls are quite academic and I figured the cable would just give it a touch of interest. The rest will all be in garter stitch, which will enable to me to knit during casual meetings and on buses etc in order to finish it in time.

And here's the stealth hens, Fifi and Lola. I managed to catch them late last night before they hopped off to bed. Spot the clipped wings? My neighbour had to ground them while I was in the UK. Fifi spent a day flying from tree top to fence top, giving my neighbour a migraine in the process. I think she was frightened by a cat. The main problem is that once she's up, up, up and away, she forgets how to bring herself back down to earth, so you end up with an exhausted, puffed out hen perched high in a tree that you have to somehow wrangle down.

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