Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Girlie Stig - 100 posts later!

Yesterday was a very long day, so I ended it with rock 'n' roll troll tales and Arwen while wrapped up in my Girlie Stig! I couldn't resist naming it that. Mum crocheted this utterly beautiful, generous wrap for me from a vintage pattern - it looks amazing! As I was photographing it to show it off to you all, it occurred to me that it didn't have a name. What to name it? I looked at the stripes and thought 'race track'. But it's pink...

And then the Girlie Stig was born! I'm not sure what Mum will make of this naming, but I will just reiterate... this is a beautiful wrap! (Yes, I'm also very spoilt at the moment, after BKFF's amazing shawl!) And after the day, it was so nice to curl into. I don't heat the house in winter. I'm not fond of heating. I love bundling under duvets and layers of coats.

This is also the 100th post. Who knew it would come this quickly? And has everyone else spotted Knitter's Addiction? They have banana yarn! And possum yarn! I'm very excited!

Anyway, my sausage hot pot soup is almost read.


Rose Red said...

Congrats on 100 posts!! the pattern on your girlie stig is fabulous!!

artificiallymythic said...

I love your girlie stig! Name and all!
Also, congrats on 100-up. I look forward to the next 100.

(And your soup sounds fabulous!)