Friday, May 8, 2009

No Use-By Date On Jetlag

Actually, I wasn't just spending all my time trotting around stately homes looking for Mr Darcy or the Dread Pirate Roberts with my knitting. I was actually in the UK for a fairy tale conference. Yes, there is such a thing as a fairy tale conference. Isn't that the most amazing thing?

It was a brilliant conference! And who knew? The next generation of scholars are, to a large extent, into vintage. Yes, it was also one of the best dressed conferences I've been to.

During the conference, I stayed with Nim's and my friend. Actually, we'd only met briefly in London a couple of years earlier at the time of the infamous 'Doctor in the Cream' incident, pictured below. We'd bought the Doctor Who figure on a whim and were fooling around that night in The Stockpot when...

What made it worse was the waiter asking if he needed resuscitation. We still have not been back to the Stockpot.

So, while I was in Norwich, I couldn't resist visiting Elm Hill, where you can see the building that stood in for The Slaughtered Prince, the inn in Stardust. Thankfully, I didn't meet any strange witches wanting to rip out my heart.

The journey home was kind of long. It involved a bus first to Heathrow and for some reason, someone at Norwich bus station kind of got the Discworld and Doctor Who muddled...

So I'm still kind of jetlagged, which I claim is exasperated by the sheer amount of catching up I've had to do. All the same, it was a wonderful trip. Oh, and I almost forgot to include this last shot. Look close and you'll know what I mean... seriously, I swear Cookie A. was here!


artificiallymythic said...

You went to _that_ conference. My envy of you has just multiplied tenfold.

Your photos are awesome. And I hope the jetlag leaves you soon.

Would be very interested to hear your thoughts on the fairy tale conference.

Rose Red said...

Have loved "taking" your trip with you! Wonderful.