Friday, May 15, 2009

Serious Balls of Yarn

BKFF is making Mrs Darcy's cardigan out of some big balls of yarn she ordered from the Bendigo Woollen Mills. They are seriously impressive balls. And just the other day, one of my senior colleagues, due to leave in a few weeks, remarked that in this weather, I should be knitting scarves. He flourished his own and I thought... hmmm... maybe the Scholar Collar? Quick knit, suitably academic. A nice farewell gift. So, feeling the urge to try out the... ahem... impressive balls of yarn from Bendigo Woollen Mills, I ordered the Green Tweed Rustic. It's just right! I also got some Luxury Iris Mist in 4ply and Luxury Ice in Aran - just to try. The Aran I have in mind for Vivian and so far so good. I'm planning to knit it up into something - any suggestions? - so I can get a feel for how it'll work. Vivian is pretty intensive, so I want to make sure the yarn will hold. The 4ply is lovely and soft and will either be a shawl or socks... I love lilacs! But, honestly... these are fantastic fun just wound up into balls!

BKFF and I had a great night of chatting and working on our respective cardigans. I'm very close now to the final sleeve of Arwen. I'm determined to finish it for winter.

And, just to finish this blog entry, I haven't given you updated shots of the girls for a while. Here are Coco and Mimi on the prowl. Fifi and Lola continue to be flighty and as soon as they spot the camera, take off. Although, they have been great fun of late. Coco's been trying to sleep in the little hens' house. At bedtime, I hear a great squawk from Fifi and as soon as I open the back door, Lola dashes over to me, noisily declaring that Coco is once again in her house and she can't, therefore, go to bed. So I have to try to wrestle poor, sleepy Coco out, who inevitably gives me a sad look: "but I like sleeping in the other house!" Once she's back in her house, Fifi and Lola give a satisfied sniff and hop up into theirs.


Rose Red said...

well, who can resist b*g b*lls!! (sorry...couldn't resist, I am bad like that). The Luxury is a really nice yarn for the price, isn't it!

artificiallymythic said...

Oooh! Somebody else is doing the Mrs D'Arcy - please, if she could chart any changes she makes... it would be great to follow somebody when I finally cast mine on...

(And the luxury looks fabulous. That's going to be my tax rebate buy)

Bells said...

one's first bendigo purchase is very exciting. They are so impressive. Love love love.

I hadn't really noticed Vivian before. It's amazing!