Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Casting on

ruby tuesday
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Cast on and one row complete, after an unfortunate hiccup mid first row that required quite a bit of back pedaling! I love the Vivian pattern, but it is a little daunting to begin with. Nevertheless, Ruby Tuesday has begun! Who could hang a name on her?... Well, aside from me, obviously.

And I even have a treat to make the cabling go better - a set of cable needles from the Celtic Swan Forge. Handmade, bronze cable needles that are beautiful to hold and behold!

I wore Arwen out for the first time yesterday and she received her dues in compliments... as well as a birthday order that I was sorry to laugh off, but, seriously... mittens, socks, scarves, absolutely. Sweaters are just for family! Or very, very, very close friends. She was as wonderful to wear as I hoped and every time I felt a little overwhelmed with meetings and due dates, I looked down at the cuff and felt better!

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artificiallymythic said...

Double yay for Arven - and good luck with Ruby Tuesday!

I love your new header too!