Monday, June 22, 2009

Lord Kitchener would be proud

Belvoir Socks
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As I mentioned while on adventures with Arwen, I never did learn how to Kitchener properly, but this time around, on the Belvoir socks, I sat with the instructions and... wow. Kitchener stitch really is brilliant. Thanks Lord Kitchener!

The Jasper Fforde novel is perched there because I've just - very sadly - realised I have to reread all his novels in order to write the paper I've currently got writer's block over (or, more to the point, bad headache block over). So I think a few days reading my signed Fforde books in bed, wearing my favourite pjs and eating toast, are called for! Possibly while wearing my cute new Belvoir socks in the Knittery's Orchid colourway.

It's been fun with the hens of late. A couple of days ago, I heard the oddest noise outside. I popped my head out. No bizarre birds wandering the lawn. I shrugged. A couple of minutes later, there's that noise again. I finally tracked it down to Lola, who had hiccups and looked - sorry Lola - rather bloated. I fretted for a bit, but am happy to report that she de-bloated and stopped her hiccups. Bad seed?

Mimi, meanwhile, has been trying to help with the laundry. I took the basket out one day and looked down to find Mimi with a handkerchief in her beak, her head tilted in an expression that clearly said, "Darn, I can't reach the line." The next day she was back at the basket trying to pick up a towel.

The cats are still prowling, trying to pounce upon the hens. The girls look on in patent disgust and occasionally call me out to deal with the feline nuisance when their patience wears thin.

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