Saturday, June 6, 2009

Okay, so I swung by Morris & Sons...

Yesterday I was at a conference in the city (I even gave a paper) and afterwards, I had enough time to swing by Morris and Sons. To be completely honest... I've been spoilt by Bendigo Woollen Mills, Etsy and various online sources, but I did pick up some needles on sale as well as this little bundle of colourful Aracunia goodness.

Only, I was trying to find some good beginner's sock yarn. Someone mentioned within my hearing that he'd like to knit socks and that needs to be followed up. So I've got him some beginner needles, but I need some beginner's yarn. Something not too expensive, but not nasty - we want to keep him knitting once he starts! But nothing that I'm going to cry over if he screams and gives up in frustration.

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Rose Red said...

Nice! I wish my Someone would learn how to knit. I once told him I'd know he really loved me when he knit me a scarf (a plain old garter one would do!)...but I still don't have that scarf! Good luck with the sock lessons!