Tuesday, June 2, 2009

An Owl Post

Remember the yarn margaritas? There were a few margarita orders flying last week and yesterday, after a very bad day with buses, updated software and absent technology, they all arrived on my doorstep for when I got home!

Doesn't the one that fell out of the bowl look like a fresh peach? Soft, gorgeous balls of cashmere to be stashed for shawls of such marvelous colours! Knitter's Addiction had a cashmere sale, needless to say. And after reading about Knitabulous on Bells' blog, I had to investigate for myself. Fantastic prices and you can see the Rain Forest - deep, lush greens with streaks of bronze. Beautiful. But now I can't wait for her to get more stock in.

And this is my Owlery scarf in progress from Bendigo Woollen Mills' Luxury 'Ice.' Most of the owls are sleeping, but there'll be a couple with their eyes open! I think Hedwig nudged this one. VCM found a hoarde of tiny buttons a little while ago and there's some gorgeous blue ones that perfectly suit the scarf. And I'm having fun knitting it. There's something about producing rows and rows of owls...


Anonymous said...

The wool is simply beautiful the colours are so bright, well done with your purchase. Now for the Owl scalf that is really nice lovely colour too.

Rose Red said...

Oh look at those gorgeous balls of yarn - no wonder you couldn't resist a few yarn margaritas!

The owl scarf is too fab for words!!

Bells said...

yarn margarits. Nice. I love the idea!

and the owls - wow, that's inspired. Hurry and finish so we can see the end product!